Respite Care: This service provides supervision to consumers with developmental disabilities in order for their primary caretaker to take a break from the stress of providing full time care to a dependant with special needs.

Each consumer is assigned and is eligible for a number of hours of respite care to be used at the discretion of the consumer and their primary caregiver.

Community Habilitation: This service works with consumers with developmental disabilities on designated life skills to help improve their ability to function more independently.

Each consumer has developmental and/or age appropriate goals that are tailored to their individual needs. A habilitation specialist works with the consumer and their family toward achieving those goals.


Family Grants Program: NYS OPWDD makes funding available to designated ‘voluntary’ agencies to distribute to families with developmentally disabled dependants. Families can make a formal request for goods and services on behalf of their developmentally disabledchild for what they believe will enhance the quality of their dependant’s life. These may be goods and services they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Each request is considered by the “Grants Review Committee” which involves the Program Director and volunteer parents of dependants of developmentally disabled consumers.


Integrated Behavioral and Family Therapy Intervention Program (IBFTIP): This service

Is offered at the request of a consumer’s MSC. In situations when a consumer is showing signs of distress such as behavioral problems at home, in school or in the community, the service dispatches a behaviorist to work with the individual consumer and a family therapist to intervene with the family. The goal is to help the individual and families integrate their learning into more adaptive skills and mitigate dynamics that create and perpetuate family distress.


Social Activity Program: SAP was developed to give the individuals we provide service to an opportunity for socialization. It also gives them the opportunity to make new relationships and experience new activities they may not have otherwise been able to. Those individuals who are receiving respite service are given priority to attend first. If there is available space, individuals receiving community habilitation service are welcome to attend. Individuals are accompanied to the Social Activity Program by the direct care staff that provides their service.


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